Great White Winter Safari (4 Nights) -

This special 5-day tour is perfect for people who are looking for a versatile winter date at a time when the largest mature great white sharks have traditionally been seen at the Neptune Islands. On this Expedition, we launch the world’s only Ocean Floor Cage (for qualified SCUBA Divers). However, all guests are able to get up-close and personal
with Great Whites in our Surface Cage. It is an Expedition for people who are very interested in sharks and their behavior, experienced divers, adventurers, shark photographers and anyone who, like us, has a passion
for these incredible creatures. It is also a trip held in the winter season where we might expect to lose a day or two to bad weather. As a result, the trip is extended to allow a couple of days of poorer weather to do shore-based dives ( eg.  Cuttlefish, Leafy Sea Dragons)  or seeing other wildlife and local attractions. And also gives the best chance of allowing 3 days of fairer weather to be more productive at the Neptune Islands. This versatility and options also allow us to price down the trip relative to other times of the year. 

Day 1                   

We’ll meet you at the Marina Hotel, Port Lincoln at 10:15am and escort you to
the expedition vessel. Welcome aboard at 10:30am. You’ll be shown to your
cabins where you can unload before the formal introductions and safety
talk. After leaving the Marina, we'll pass through the stunning Thorny Passage and stop by Hopkins

Island for an hour so ( weather dependant you can snorkel or dive with Australian Sea 
Lions. Depart Hopkins and enjoy the crossing to the famous Neptune Islands Marine Park, where we'll anchor and test out our dive kit for the shark diving. There is time to relax, unwind, talk about the day while feasting on the buffet, engage in the Great White Shark Research Talk (really interesting, with some fantastic photography), check out the amazing night-sky, retire to your cabin. Please note that no shark attractant is used on this day.

Alternatively we travel to location and commense Surface cage diving, or undertake shore excursion to see local wildlife and scenery.

Day 2                    

Divers are briefed, and the Surface Cage hits the water, ready for action. Our priority is for everyone to see 
the sharks in the surface cage before we descend deeper with our SCUBA 
diving guests in the ocean floor cage. We also like to hop in the tender boat, check out the New
Zealand Fur Seals and go walking around the Neptune Islands. Here, there
are many bird species to watch and the elusive Australian Sea Lions can
also sometimes be spotted. More shark talks in the evening and then time for bed ready for the next days big adventure.

Day 3 and 4
More time with the great whites viewing topside, in the surface cage or down on the ocean floor and by now your shark identification skills will be finely tuned. The evening brings more opportunity to immerse yourself in the beauty of the Neptune Islands, listening to the sounds of the seals with a chilled glass of white. There is plenty time to chill out and rest. Hit the hay when you feel like it.

Day 5 - Final Day,

More time to spend Surface and Ocean Floor diving – there is no time limit
in the cages, as long as everyone has their fair share. You can also do
some Shark and Wildlife watching from the observation deck, relax with a
book – anything that floats your boat. Leave the
Neptune Islands by 3:00pm and enjoy some lovely local South Australian
‘wine on the bow’ usually with common dolphins joining us for company.
We arrive back in Port Lincoln by 8.00PM for guests to disembark.

Cuttlefish Day ( Shore Based)

On one day of our tour, typically when weather is poor at the Neptune Islands, we offer a full day tour to Dive with Giant Australian Cuttlefish in the worlds largest spawning phenomenon. This is a world-class natural wonder not to be missed and only occurs each year between May and August

*Itinerary is indicative only (subject to weather and any other circumstances that may affect the scheduling of events). 

Great White Winter Safari (4 Nights)

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