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Drift Techniques is the entry level course in drifting.  Students will learn the 3 basic techniques of drifting.

This experience is ideal for those who want to learn the entry level techniques of drifting, while learning some fun skills from industry pros.

  • Driver’s introductory briefing
  • Professional photography throughout the course
  • Tea, coffee and cold drinks provided throughout the course.
  • ADR approved helmets (students have the option of bringing their
    own ADR/FIA approved helmets)
  • Technique 1 – Drift
    Handbrake Entry:
     Four hands-on attempts following a
    professional demonstration
  • Technique 2 – Drift
     Two minutes of hands-on experience following a
    professional demonstration
  • Technique 3 - Figure 8 Drift​: Two
    minutes of hands-on experience following a professional demonstration
  • Drift Battle Thrill Rides with
    D1 World All Star & Drift Australia Champion, Fernando Wiehrl,  and
    other professional competition drifters over four laps: two in the 'lead lap' and another two in the 'chase lap'

  • To be minimum age 16 (Under 18’s will require adult’s consent)
  • Long pants and long sleeve shirt (No nylon, cotton preferred.
    Jackets, jumpers and jeans are acceptable)
  • Enclosed shoes (joggers, sneakers are acceptable)
  • Drivers Licence is not necessary
  • Experience with manual car recommended



8:30 AM Session: 8:10 AM arrival for 8:30 AM brief to 10:30 AM (approximately)

10:30 AM Session: 10:10 AM arrival for 10:30 AM brief to 12:30 PM (approximately)

1:00 PM Session: 12:40 PM arrival for 1:00 PM brief to 3:00 PM (approximately)

3:00 PM Session: 2:40 PM arrival for 3:00 PM brief to 5:00PM (approximately)

Allow up to 2 hours depending on class size and other variables such as weather.​


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AUD per Participant