Adelaide Private Photography Workshop -

A carefully crafted challenge based program has been put together by our team of professional photographers. Learn more about your camera's technical capabilities. Walking around the city with your camera to look at new ways of expressing visual communication will definitely lead to a more insightful ideas for travel photography. Guaranteed fun, thought provoking and most importantly get you thinking outside the square and give you the confidence to shoot in manual modes and explore creative ideas.

Teaching You Digital Photography on a 3 hour Tour through Adelaide's CBD & Surrounding Areas.

When? Whenever we are both available
Where? In Adelaide City meeting at 18 King William Street.
How long? 3 Hours (afternoon session)

How Many? 1- 2

What do I need?
- Digital Camera (all camera types welcome)
- Fully charged batteries (re-charger) and spares if possible.
- Image cards formatted (space to photograph) and spares if possible.
- Hat, sun-glasses, sun-lotion & water.
- Good walking shoes.
- Umbrella (just in case)
- Small towel & plastic bag (keep your camera dry)
- Camera Manual
- notepad & pen….to record the handy hints and tips
- Optional extras - tripod, cable release or remote.

* Rain or shine we'll be fine as we will be under cover or indoors for some locations

What will I learn?
- Master Composition.
- Hands on challenges to put theory into practice.
- Get off auto mode on your camera and learn to shoot in manual mode.
- Photo critique.
- Travel Photography

Adelaide Private Photography Workshop

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AUD per Private