Cherry Blossoms April 3 - 12 -

Purpose of Trip:
Aside from having a truly authentic experience and easy pace, we will have a trip of a lifetime.
1. Learn Travel Photography. 
(6 hours daily tuition) (i.e. Landscapes, People, Food, Still Life, Street Portraits, Night, Architecture, Nature & Close Up)

2. Photograph a story book.
3. Learn Editing in Lightroom Classic.
4. Experience the true essence of the places we visit.
5.  Private one on one tuition will allow you to learn at your own pace.
6.  Daily editing will give you the confidence to edit effectively.
7. Being together  24/7 allows you the chance to ask as many questions as you would like.
8. Hand picked locations allows you the chance to practice the many genres of travel photography.
9.Locations have been carefully chosen to have a variety of experiences both with scenery, food and culture.
10. I am fluent in the local lingo and will assist you when you need to communicate with locals to get the perfect photo.

Cherry Blossoms April 3 - 12

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AUD per Participant