Canon Collective Photography Double Dive on Local Reefs -

Whether a novice or an expert, this day offers any camera enthusiast an opportunity to create fantastic photos, and enhance their photographic ability. Join us for our Canon Collective date, where we bring in a Canon representative who can best help you get the most out of your underwater photography. 

Don't have a camera and/or an underwater housing? That's generally okay, as we and Canon provide underwater camera setups for these specific days. We do have limited availability though, so please let us know if these cameras are something you would like to take advantage of. At the end of the day, you can also keep the SD card, containing all of the photos you have taken on the day.

On your day, we begin with a pre-dive briefing at the Sunreef shop with a Canon representative, ensuring your camera settings will get you the most promising result. As it can be early, you're more than welcome to a free coffee from Sunreef, which you can enjoy during the camera briefing. We then arrange any dive equipment that you need to hire, and if you have your own, you can set this up at this time. Once everyone is checked in, gear is ready, and the boat is organised, we're off to our local reefs. Depending on the day, your photography focus may change. For instance, some days have better visibility than others. If there is less visibility, you may choose to focus more on macro photography. If the water is clearer, landscape shots may be an option. The day's weather, diving conditions, and recent animal sightings also impact what site we will choose for the day, as we try to give you the best result. Once we anchor the boat, the crew will help get all divers into the water. The dive can go for 50 minutes, or until one of the divers in their buddy team gets to 50 bar, whichever comes first. We then have a 30 minute surface interval before getting back into the water for a second dive. The Canon representative will also be diving on the trip, so you are welcome to ask any questions whilst on board the boat. After dive 2, we return to the shop, where there is a post-dive briefing, with hot wedges and cold drinks ready for you. During this time, the Canon representative will instruct you on how to best get your desired result. Using Adobe Lightroom, we take a look at how to adjust particular settings to maximise each photo's potential. If you are diving with your own gear, the dive crew can also wash your gear for you. This will happen during the briefing, and then you can collect your drying, freshly washed gear before departing. Sunreef will also give you a souvenir, such as a t-shirt or a stubbie cooler, as a thank you for choosing us. 

Mooloolaba's local reefs offer an abundance of photographic opportunities. Not only is there some fantastic coral coverage, but there are many different fish sheltering around the different coral and rock structures. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of different species of fish to photograph. Because of the Sunshine Coast's position, the reefs tend to get both temperate and tropical fish, with different species here at different times of the year. For instance, the warmer waters of summer tend to bring in more eagle rays and leopard, whereas winter ushers in grey nurse sharks. There are other year-round residents, such as the blue lipped clownfish and Queensland yellowtail angelfish. There are also many different types of invertebrates one can photograph as well, such as decorator crabs, coral banded shrimp, and nudibranchs. The Sunshine Coast is home to more than 750 different species of nudibranchs, giving photographers many different opportunities with just these critters alone! 

Bear in mind that many of our dive sites are +20 meters deep, and whilst we don't require an advanced diver qualification or a nitrox qualification (also known as enriched air, or EANX), both can be handy to have.  We offer nitrox tank fill upgrades for free, which can be helpful when diving a bit deeper for longer. This can impact your dive time for dive 2 as our surface interval time is limited. If you are not nitrox certified, we offer nitrox courses for $99, which can be conducted on the day. See our nitrox course page for more details. Our advanced course covers deeper dive principles, along with other diving aspects, which can prove useful on these dives. See our advanced course page for extra information. 

Reminder for divers:

Please note if you have not dived in the last 2 years you will be required to complete a Scuba Review before you can participate in any diving activities.

These can be arranged on most days at set times provided we have at least 3 days notice. Please contact us on 07 5444 5656 for more information.

This is also in Open Water and we suggest that you look into Seasickness medication to minimize the chance of it effecting your trip.

Canon Collective Photography Double Dive on Local Reefs

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