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Fast-track your way to mastering Lightroom.  You will gain a comprehensive understanding of how to apply the magic which Lightroom can bring to your photography.

Whether you’re an amateur photographer or a serious enthusiast, our range of Lightroom workshops can give you the skills required to develop your own digital workflow. Learn to manage your image library, edit your images and produce stunning prints and other various outputs to showcase your photos.

We combine presentations, demonstrations, and hands on practical exercises to provide a balanced and effective learning experience. Our workshops are limited to 4 - 6 persons per workshop so you get the attenton you need to work through this powerful software.

For your convenience we run these workshops in two locations, City (Chippendale) and Western Sydney (Oran Park)

Please select your preference from the links below to see full details of each workshop.

Lightroom Essentials Workshop: City, Chippendale (Black Door Photography Studio) 

Lightroom Essentials Workshop: Western Sydney, Oran Park (Training rooms located in the shopping Centre)

The Lightroom Essentials Workshop introduces you to Lightroom’s fundamental features and how to get the most out of them. Lightroom will enable you to effortlessly keep track of all your images (regardless of where you’ve saved them on all your hard drives), edit your images and produce stunning output such as a quality print. 

This is a great place to start if you are just looking to use Lightroom to edit your images or if you wish to have an overview of all that Lightroom has to offer. 

Advanced Lightroom WorkshopCity, Chippendale (Black Door Photography Studio) 

Advanced Lightroom WorkshopWestern Sydney, Oran Park (Training rooms located in the shopping Centre)

In the Lightroom Advanced Workshop we take our knowledge of Lightroom to the next level, exploring advanced techniques for managing your images as well as photo editing skills that move beyond the basics. In addition we will cover how to produce stunning output with your images that includes fine art prints, slideshows and beautiful photo books.

This workshop is ideal for those who are already comfortable working in Lightroom and wants to understand the full power and capabilities that Lightroom has to offer. 

Photoshop for Lightroom users: City, Chippendale (Black Door Photography Studio) 

Photoshop for Lightroom users: Western Sydney, Oran Park (Training rooms located in the shopping Centre)

In the Photoshop for Lightroom Users workshop we will continue to use Lightroom to manage our post processing workflow but will show you how to use Lightroom’s tight integration with Photoshop to access it’s powerful retouching tools in situations where you want to do something that simply can’t be done in Lightroom.

In addition to covering the fundamentals of Photoshop required by photographers we will explore a range of situations where you will be required to move the image from Lightroom to Photoshop to put the final touches on you image. 


Tutor: Brian Bird 

Class Size: between 4-6. We limit our class sizes to create a more individual learning environment.

Time: 9.30am to 4.30pm (Please arrive 15mins before session starts so we start on time.)

Location: 2 locations for your convenience City and West sydney

Chippendale, Sydney (Black Door Photography Studio) 

Oran Park, (Training rooms located in the shopping Centre)

WHATS INCLUDED:  Tea, coffee, snacks.  Not included is lunch however there are many cafes nearby which serve great food.

GETTING THERE:  Public transport and car. 

Chippendale: Black Door Photography Studio is a 10 minute walk from Central Station if you come by train or bus. If you drive, there is metered street parking around Black Door Photography Studio as well as free 2-hour parking on Abercrombie street (Check signs) There is free all-day parking options on the following local streets; Regent St - Abercrombie St - Danger Place - Wiley St - Vine St - Hudson St - Abercrombie St - Louis St

Oran Park: The Oran Park training room is located on the 2nd floor of the Oran Park Shopping Centre (351 Oran Park Drive, Oran Park.) There is plenty of free, on-site parking at the shopping centre. The closest station is Campbelltown Station. 


Students must have a fundamental understanding of the laptop they are bringing along. Whilst the instructor is happy to assist with post processing related questions, they will not be able to troubleshoot individual laptop issues.


You will need to bring your own laptop (PC or Mac) with Lightroom installed. If you do not have Lightroom, you can download a free trial version before attending the workshop.

Please also ensure your bring your power supply. A mouse is highly recommended. A note book may also be useful. 

We will provide you with images to work on in the course, though you are welcome to bring your own. 


Brian Bird is an avid photographer that enjoys sharing his knowledge and experience with others. Over the past few years his work has featured in numerous local exhibitions, publications and also featured on the ABC show Tattoo Tales. His love of photography coupled with his 19 years of corporate experience in training has put him in an ideal position to pursue his passion of helping other photographers, understand the core aspects of photography.


“I recently completed your Lightroom workshop which was presented by Brian.
Firstly I just wanted to give Brian a wrap as I found his methods of teaching and his presentation to be absolutely first class and a credit to your company. I have since emailed Brian with numerous questions and his responses have been, not only prompt but informative and friendly. At no point has it seemed an inconvenience for Brian to respond to my questions on both Lightroom and general photography related questions and this alone has made the experience with your school even more enjoyable and most importantly, personable.”— Shaun Ross


This is a list of other photography workshop, events and tours offered by The Aperture Club and are designed to progress the skills you have learnt in this workshop.

We look forward to welcoming you on our photography workshop very soon.

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